‘Don’t wait for the right moment. #JustGo’

Her favourite game in life is getting lost in the map and deriving simple pleasures from unexplored corners, and that’s what she calls “a perfect life”.

Her favourite game in life is getting lost in the map and deriving simple pleasures from unexplored corners, and that’s what she calls “a perfect life”.

Meet Parnashree Devi, a photo editor by profession, who embarked on her first trip in 2009 to Mukteshwar and has since never looked back as we speak to her about what keeps her and her travel blog going and what fuels her idea of love.

So Parnashree, what would you say makes your world tick? Also, that’s a name you don’t hear often. What does it mean?

The joy of taking the road less travelled, meeting strangers on my way, exchanging smiles, sharing that undefined relationship with the nature and my never ending romance with travel make my world tick.

You’ve experienced and written so much about travel, what got you interested in it? And when did you decide this was what you wanted to do full-time?

A strong urge to explore the places around, experiencing something new and live a life outside a routine is the thriving force which makes me going places. Travelling has become an addiction and getting lost in the map has become my favourite game. It was a few months back, when I was getting promising and lucrative travel opportunities, I decided to take it to the next level.

Your work sounds so much fun. It’s something so many people want to do. Do you feel blessed? And how tough has the journey been?

Yes, I am blessed. When you get those rare opportunities to experience something surreal, exclusive and more importantly when people want you to travel for them, it makes you feel good about your hard work you put in writing those unheard tales on the blog.

It does look pretty awesome. But, “there aren’t no such thing as a free lunch”. It took me a few years to reach where I am right now. A lot of hard work goes into it. It’s been quite an interesting journey. I would call it a roller coaster ride

So it isn’t glamorous all the time. There’s hard work and tough times in there too, we are sure. What’s an average day for you like then? What’s the next project on your mind?

My day starts with responding to my emails and list down the work to be done for the day. Apart from being a travel blogger, I am a film maker too. Currently I am working on a very prestigious project of making travel videos. Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel.

Any suggestions and tips for aspiring bloggers who are reading this? Many wanted to know how do you pay those bills.

Well, I would like to say that if you have an urge to see the world, don’t wait for the right moment. I believe in the #JustGo mantra. There is nothing called right time. Having said that, I do emphasis on a few things before you start rolling on the road…

  1. Do a proper research before you land up in any place.
  2. Keep cash and your phone handy for emergency situations.
  3. Avoid traveling solo at strange hours in unknown locations.
  4. Take help from locals.
  5. One should opt for home-stays with family rather in a hotel/resort.
  6. Dress appropriately to avoid unwanted attention.

I would not suggest anyone to leave the job and travel. What works for me, may not work for you. I left the job not for travel. I genuinely needed a break from my corporate job and that drove me to leave it. In any given situation, if I feel the need to get back to my job, I would do that.

Is Parnashree all about travelling? What other things do you enjoy?

Parnashree is not all about travelling. She likes to do many things. She loves to make travel films. A happy go lucky girl, who knows how to find joy in small things. A few have experienced her crazy side too. To make it little serious, Parnashree is a woman with many shades. Convincing enough?

This one’s a hypothetical question.
Since YOLO, then I’d… (A crazy thing you really would do right now)

(You know YOLO stands for You Only Live Once, right? We bet.)

I would love to go on a vacation without my phone and want to be disconnected from my world for some time.

Now, talking romance

Is there a special someone in your life, or you prefer riding solo for now? If yes, how’d you two meet? Or how’d you want to meet maybe?

I prefer riding solo for now. I believe in serendipity. That’s my answer.
And, you never know, where and when?

Relationships, they say, can be hard. You’ve got to work on them. What’s your take? Is there a secret you want to share?

Having a successful relationship is a work of art. I strongly believe that respect, space and love are three key factors to make it work. And, it’s a tough job.


Having experienced so much already, how difficult would it be for someone to woo you? Easy to please? What’d be your ideal date?

Ahh! It’s a tough job. Trust me, I am difficult person to woo so easily. One has to really know me well to take a step forward.

My ideal date would be somewhere in a remote corner, may be on a hilltop where silence dominates the aura and I am in front of a breathtaking view where I can spend hours after hours just by sitting there.


According to you, which are the most romantic places in India or outside? What’s one place you’d say is all about romance?

A few exclusive corners, mostly in the hills in India. If I talk about international romantic destination, it has to be Amalfi Coast in Italy.

And lastly, another hypothetical one.
Since MYOLO, then let’s… (Something you’d really want to do with your partner)

(Well, now you know what MYOLO stands for too. Me You Only Live Once)

Hurray! I would love to do sky diving with my partner.

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