Hunting For Happiness? It’s Right There

Sometimes we just don’t know what we want in life, much less how to figure it out. For the most part, life is tedious – but the fact is that it goes on as we find ourselves always hunting for happiness in our own little ways!

So how about you get out of the bed every morning and do something meaningful with your existence? Like be happy for a change, and live a little more. The good news is that you can start doing this right away with these helpful tips.

1) Smile at strangers:

Yes. You heard it right. Believe it or not but most of them will actually smile back at you. You could probably make someone’s day, or they can make yours, either way happiness is sure to be spread.

2) Stop comparing yourself:

You need to realise that you can never be anyone but you. So, stop comparing yourself to others this instant and learn how to ‘adult well’. Learn to live and embrace yourself. You can never be like your next door successful neighbour or the guy you idolize on TV. Because you have to live in your skin forever, you might as well start doing it like a boss.

3) Enjoy your cup of coffee:

Wake up and smell the coffee, quite literally. Sometimes all we need in life is a peaceful time with ourselves and our morning cuppa to contemplate on how beautiful our life is. Those few precious moments will allow you to retrospect and reflect on your day ahead. There is a reason why coffee is said to be a metaphor for life.

4) Be spontaneous:

Don’t always think things through. Rather, as a major sports brand believes, “Just Do It”. Spontaneous reactions are pure and are an indication of your primal desires. Acting on your instinct will let you fulfill your desires and give you a sense of contentment.

5) Discover your own company:

The most liberating feeling in the world is finding the beauty of being comfortable in your own company. Go for a hike and take in the view or go for a meal alone. Watch a movie or simply take a walk. If you start enjoying your own company, then you can never experience loneliness. Maybe MYOLO can help you there.

6) Have a sense of humour:

The one essential thing that (most) Indian men are devoid of-is a sense of humour. People who laugh freely, about various things or on themselves always seem to be happier than people who groan constantly. It’s a proven fact, that’s what happiness is about!

7) Screw the system:

The world and everyone in it will ask you to follow protocol and be sane in the natural sense of the world, but hey, life is too short to follow the rules. So screw them. Stay crazy, do what makes you happy but stay true to your inner self and find your happiness in you!

About the author: Vaishali Panwar is a pilot at heart and helped take our offline campaigns and events to culmination. With a background in English Literature, she also pens down blogs and ideas that’ll keep you engrossed.

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