Maybe How To Adult – 101

Adult life is hard. While it comes with a lot of excitement, it also has it’s own set of challenges. Things can sometimes be unnerving and the pressures of society and work can be unsettling.

That’s where ‘adulting’ can become a tough phase. It’s here that we create the life we’ll lead on. While different things will work for different people, here are a few things that one must definitely explore to ‘adult well’.

1. Love yourself

No, not that kind! If you’ve managed to survive at least 18 years of your life without burning down the world, then you deserve a pat on the back. Had that nice blue dress pending in your cart but never bought it thinking you would never wear it? Buy it! That video you stumbled upon about pottery making intrigued you but you never paid heed to it. Well, sign up for a pottery class now! Cut yourself some slack once in a while. Be nice. Let yourself explore and experience life before the world got to you and told you what is expected of you.

2. Talk to a stranger

They don’t have to be those missing puzzle pieces to bring eternal happiness and peace to your life. It can be anyone. Talk to the autowala taking you to your destination, or the housemaid who always serves coffee to the spoilt you. Ever bothered to know how many stories lie behind those faces? Behind those annoyance and ignorance? Their life is probably treating them a thousand times worse, and yet they are dealing with it better than most of us can imagine. Find out their stories. It’s not just about lending out an interested ear, but to find out how life is so beautiful and harsh and so different.

3. Go back to your roots

Sit with your mum or dad and find how you were before the world fit you in. Talk to your old neighbouring aunty you haven’t properly said hi to since you were a kid. Maybe she’ll tell you about the time you broke her window glass playing cricket. Or just step outside bare foot while it starts to drizzle. Feel the mud on your feet and the rain on your face. Breathe in the nature a little. Feel alive.

4. Define success

Success isn’t really what Sharma aunty from the next flat keeps on telling your mum about her ‘super successful’ but very spoilt son. Success is what you define it to be. For some people, waking up, getting ready and facing the world without an ugly panic attack and wanting to kill themselves is success too. Being able figure your own definition of success is a big part of being an adult. Success can be making a mattress out of all the cash you earned or building your own eco-friendly home and living a simple life. There is no point of trying to chase someone else’s success when you are an individual of your own.

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