Let’s Get Your Startup Team Closer

When your startup grows, you get new team members onboard. And while some of them fit in like they’ve always been there, others may need more time to gel well. That’s when you know, it’s time to get your startup team closer.

It is not an easy task at all, but having trusting and happy team members does help make life easier. The benefits of a closely-knit startup team are plenty. In fact it’s also said that this is the ultimate factor that determines long-term success. That’s where then unstrangering the team becomes important. And it is here that team bonding activities can help in an educational and enjoyable manner.

The main aim is to know about your startup team members better: how they think, how they go about solving problems and what is their idea about fun. Here are a few activities that will help your cause:

1) Bowling

Bowling is one of the activities that most people just loves to do. Thus, this makes it a perfect team building activity for any start-up. Good thing about this is that anyone can do it. Even if you can not do it well, people have fun together while participating in it and there’s always space for co-ordination, so you’ll see your team-mates grow closer too.

2) Trivia Night

This is the time where team members can show off their knowledge about some topic while inspiring teamwork. Perhaps you can plan a trivia night of your own. It will certainly help if you include few questions about your brand and co-workers. Further, it really helps your team members unstranger each other, and knowing more about each other’s interests and experiences will help make the team work closely and creatively. Over the night you may realise that some team members just bond so well naturally and needed just a nudge to get to know each other. 

3) The MineField

The main idea about participating in this activity is to improve and upheld trust amongst the team members. They need to maintain their relationship and communicate effectively. You will need an open space to carry out this activity where the mines would be distributed on the floor haphazardly. These mines can be either cones, bottles or anything that fulfils the purpose. Now the catch is that the blindfolded person has to avoid all the mines by following the directions of the other team member. This activity would only take about 15-30 minutes.

4) The Blind Drawing

This is one of the ice-breaking activities. It is based on communication and interpretation. People are divided in a group of two and are made to sit back-back. One of them is provided with a picture while other one with a pen and paper. The person with the picture describes what is there in the picture without actually saying it, but describing what it can be. This is then used by the team mate to draw what they interpreted from their team member’s description. This takes up about 15-20 minutes to engage in.

5) Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor ice breaker, scavenger hunt is a pretty famous activity engulfing in teamwork and healthy relationships. This adventurous task is all about making teams to complete some of the goofy task made by other mates. A list of activities and clues are given with a deadline. This can easily take 1-2 hours.

6) Egg Drop

This is a good yet messy task. You are required to make a package which would prevent your egg from breaking. The items provided to you would be newspapers, straws, tape, plastic, balloons, rubber bands. Each team would be allotted 30 min-1 hour time to prepare the said package. Later their packages would be tested by other members by dropping it from second storey while everyone observe it from the ground. You can even increase the height of the drop every time so as to find a winner.

Your startup team will definitely have a better understanding about each other. They will work together like pieces in a clock after engaging in these activities. This will definitely help in strengthening the bonds amongst the startup team and bring them closer. And that is certain help increase productivity. So head on to have a good time!

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