Places To Go On Your First Meeting

The Meeting Someone New For The First Time Series
Part II: Places to go on your first meeting

A lot of us are self-conscious and super nervous when it comes to meeting someone who you’ve only texted online. And that can happen irrespective of gender or romantic interests. Seeing someone at your first meeting with them can do that to us.

Where to go, whether the place is appropriate and if your friend is comfortable enough. And if it’s a group of people meeting the first time, consider that for everyone. Though getting cold feet is expected, there are certain things you can remember when picking locations for your first meet that will help ease your fears.

If you’ve planned this first meeting with someone you’ve met through the app, make sure you pick a place that catches both of your interests. It might be awkward if you suggest to meet at a bar and your friend doesn’t drink.

It’s always best to choose locations where there are people around. This doesn’t always mean that the meeting is dangerous or that you have to be cautions. It’s common knowledge that people are comfortable meeting new people with people all around them.

Movies Are A Bad Idea

Some suitable places that you can opt for are coffee shops. Yes, it might sound cheesy, but they are the ideal places to go for a first meet. It usually takes no more than 10 minutes to know whether you are comfortable with a person or not. Not all meetings can turn out well and if this first meeting doesn’t seem to be going the way you want it to, you can always leave when you’re done with your coffee.

Though a movie might sound like a good idea, it doesn’t give you many chances to talk. Your first meeting with your friend should be all about getting to know them better.

Beaches are stereotypically a romantic location for couples. It is NOT only for cheesy romantics. The beach is a great place to take your friend and spend a few hours on the shore. The fresh air, plenty of wind and lots of opportunity to talk freely.

Gaming arcades are another cool place you can go if both of you want to have a fun time. But you shouldn’t go to a place where if you’re a guy, you sit in front of a console drooling at the screen, unless you both end up doing that. Bowling alleys, golf and mall arcades are places where you will have a really enjoyable first meet.

Any place whatsoever can be turned into the “perfect” place. What matters is you all have a great time. But of course lots of factors decide your first impression. For example…what will you wear?!!? But that’s for another time. Until then, stay chill and be yourself! Perhaps, even get on MYOLO.

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