What To Wear – Does It Even Matter?

The Meeting Someone New For The First Time Series
Part III: What to wear – Does It Even Matter?

So you’re browsing through the closet looking for the perfect outfit to wear. After all, you are finally about to meet the friend or friends you’ve only been texting for a while now, and are you excited. While clothes don’t need all that attention, how you dress does seem to convey how much attention or respect you give to the other person. What to wear can be puzzling question. But don’t over-do it. It’s ultimately about you and the conversations you have!

So, there’s already a huge pile of ‘rejected’ clothes on your bed, and yet you still can’t seem to find ‘the ONE’. This is getting super frustrating isn’t it? You don’t wanna seem too desperate, but at the same time you don’t want them to think “this isn’t worth dressing up’. Let me put you outta your misery while you also decide where to meet.

For all the pretty ladies out there, it’s quite simple about what to wear. No hoarding on the makeup. Let them see the real you. Stick to minimal makeup that makes you look and feel confident. Dress in what you feel comfortable in. Yes, I admit you’ll look super chick in some really elaborate outfit, but you’ll wanna feel comfortable in what you wear so that you can enjoy yourself more. Don’t dress in a way where you feel you have to keep checking if everything is in place. Saying “a smile is the best accessory”, might sound cheesy, but it’s damn true. Smile openly, but don’t force it out (your cheeks really start to hurt after a while).

Now a shout out to the dudes about what to wear when meeting someone for the first time. You are a hooman, not a walking air freshener. Guys honestly, don’t drench yourselves in what you think is “manly” deo. People might think that guys are chill and just throw on whatever is around, but I have seen tons of dudes spend ages in front of the mirror. A first meeting doesn’t mean looking formal or racing to the sink for a shave. Be yourself. This repeating same concept applies to guys too. Dress comfortably but nothing too flashy. You don’t want to look like you’re on the way to a photoshoot.

We’ve all grown up hearing sayings like “Don’t judge a book by its cover” or “Appearances never matter”. I think it’s time you took that advice and be true to yourself. The people you meet will feel impressed by just your confidence!

Of course, next comes the meeting itself. You start hyperventilating. What should I say!? Should I compliment them? What do I do now? But of course all that is for another day and another blog, until then, stay chill and be yourself!

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