Get Your First Meeting Right, Don’t End Up In A Fight

The Meeting Someone New For The First Time Series
Part V: Get your first meeting right, don’t end up in a fight

You’ve successfully begun the conversation. Good for you! We had given you different kinds of conversation starters and are sure they are foolproof about starting a conversation. But during a first meeting with your friend or group of friends, there are certain ground rules that you could follow to make the meet more enjoyable and lasting and to get the first meeting right.

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do on your first meet.

Order the food you like. Just because you like to eat won’t make people like you any less. Ordering a salad and then binge eating at home never works out and eventually your hunger will only make you uncomfortable.

Be yourself: Don’t try to fake it out. Be original and don’t wonder if what you say or do might affect the chance of the person liking you. The real you is who they wanted to meet, so bring out your inner crazy at full throttle and unstranger yourself. That’ll also help them unstranger themselves at this first meeting.

Pretend your phones don’t exist: You are on a day/night out. Yes, it’s the age of technology but keep you whole attention on the person with you. Talk and have a great time rather than updating your status and constantly checking your phone every few minutes.

Should we talk politics?

Don’t delve into religious beliefs or go deep into opinions on politics. These kinds of topics can often create conflicts or not so light arguments, which you totally want to avoid. But the funny thing is they can also sometimes be very engaging and satisfying. So know the people you are meeting and then get into these with caution.

Don’t talk about your past relationships: This is one of the major let downs. You might think “who would even do that?!”, but you’ll be surprised. No one wants to know about your past relationships, well maybe not during the first time meeting some new folks.

There’s an easy acronym to remember. DDTM. If you and your new pals decide to meet at a bar or a club, Don’t Drink Too Much. You don’t want to seem like a mess at the end of your first meeting or forget important parts of it. Getting drunk on the meet is both quite dangerous and will sometimes make you lose respect.

All of these are the general gyaan for what to say and not to say. But amongst all this, don’t try to completely restrict yourself and stay true to who you are.

As for what to do to avoid awkward pauses and where to look… is for another day. Until then, stay chill and be yourself!

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