5 Things Harry Potter Teaches Us About Friendship

The Harry Potter series has taught us various life lessons. From the point where Harry embarked on this journey till the very end of it, it has always been about the true power of love and courage. Apart from the great story line, there is more to the world of magic and wizards. Here are few of the lifelong lessons about friendship that Harry potter taught us:

1) New Friends Can Change Your Life

It is not necessary that you realise this, but meeting new people can really change the course of your life. You not only bond on common interests and concerns, but they can also expose you to a new world, and in the process a new you.

2) Your Conscious Keeper
Good friends always make you walk on the right path no matter how difficult it is. True friends console and protect each other especially when they know something is wrong. Even if it means risking their own lives to protect you. It is always nice to rely on someone, knowing that someone has your back makes your heart filled with joy.

3) They Keep Your Ego In Check
Differences amongst a group does not divide you, instead it makes you stronger. They keep your ego in check and do not let your pride float. They will set you straight by telling you what is what. Thus, loyalty is absolutely rare, you should not let go of loyal companions.

4) It’s Always Fun With Them Around

You must enjoy the little things and live in the moment. Therefore, appreciate light hearted things after all you get only one life to live. There is no better feeling than getting in trouble with your friends. You will always be at each other’s side.

5) Sharing Is Caring

Some relationships are meant to last lifelong. If you are lucky you will get to witness the beginning of new story in other lives. Lastly when you know someone comes into your life, it is mainly for some wonderful reason and because sharing amplifies happiness. So share your joy with them too!

It is true that anything is possible with the support of your friends. The dynamic trio complete each other. They have stuck together since the very beginning till the very end. Never have they backed out from any adventure. Their talents made the successful and unique. Without his friends Harry would not have been able to make it out alive. They have always found their way back home regardless of how much they fought.

To quote Harry Potter ”We may come from different places and speak in different tongues, but our hearts beat as one!” So go on, connect with your old friends and maybe unstranger some new ones.

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