6 Things I’d Ask Harry Potter If He Was My Friend

To an average Potterhead, Harry Potter is not “just a book” (or worse, movie). It is the soul deep connection between us and the entire wizarding world. I can’t imagine what anyone would give to be able to receive their Hogwarts letter or to be able to study spend a few minutes with the boy who lived. But what if he was real? Moreover what if he was my friend? I would probably have a ton of questions to ask him as would any Potterhead. So here are 6 things I would ask the love of my life…err I mean Harry Potter, advice on if he was my friend.

Mind you this is considering he was just a person so nothing connects deeply to the story, and all questions are related to normal issues we all face every day.

So, here’s what I’d ask:

  1. You’ve been through being called a lot of things from heir to the most notorious murderer to being a traitor and a liar. How do you make it through the day when you know the entire school might be talking behind your back or spreading rumors?
  2. You are a badass Quidditch player with a badass broom. Your OWL grades are really good at the same time. How do you manage to balance both Quidditch and studying when they both individually require loads of hard work? Where’s the best place to watch games live?
  3. Having friends for life doesn’t work out for just anyone. You have two great friends willing to go to the ends of the world for you. What is your tip to maintaining a long lasting friendship? Also what do you think is the key factor any friendship requires?
  4. Being the chosen one cannot be easy. You might have tons of different kinds of friends with different ideas on how to hang out, what to do, what they want you to say and whatnot. How do you handle any kind of peer pressure?
  5. Being the most popular kid at school, it’s common you have a lot of fans. But let’s talk about the haters. Some of em might be jealous and think you’re getting all the attention. What would you want to tell them?
  6. This might seem a bit morbid but through all your years, a lot of pressure had been put upon you and so much was expected with you. Have you ever thought how easy things would have been if you never existed or what would happen if you ended your life right then?

Well, that about covers the things I would ask that usually bugs most of us too. These kind of things happen day to day in the life of an average teenager. And yes, they would have occurred in the chosen one’s life as well. I wonder what kind of answers I can expect outta him though I sort of have a small clue. More on that later. Until then..

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