You have a dog? We Must Meet

Dog owners find it extremely easy to connect to people who are also enthusiastic about dogs. So why do people with dogs tend to look for a dog loving friend or companion? It’s simple. They understand. Dog owners must meet.

They understand the responsibilities a dog owner has and that their dogs are family and not ‘just’ a dog or pet. They understand the chores, patience, loyalty and unrequited love that comes with raising a dog. An anti-dog person might find being with a dog lover completely different to being with a ‘normal’ person.

The term “owing a fur coat” gets real. There will be hair EVERYWHERE (unless your dog doesn’t shed of course). We tend to cuddle our doggos a lot. This includes all forms of contact from hugging and snuggling to kissing and bear hugging. Our dog’s opinion of you matters. If our baby likes you, then yaay! Welcome to the family! But if he doesn’t, please shut the door on your way out.

Non dog lovers, please note

For all you non dog lovers out there, here are a few pros to being with dog diggers and unstrangering yourself with them.

  • We are extremely loyal: Being with a loyal companion tends to influence you too. Dog owners are as loyal as their pets and as unwavering.
  • We have infinite patience and forgive easily: Being patient and able to forgive is often tested when you find a chewed up shoe or a shirt that’s been bitten through.
  • Dog lovers know cost efficiency: From dog accessories to monthly vaccines, we know how to budget our money accordingly and spend wisely.
  • We are responsible: I mean, of course we’re responsible. We are practically raising a kid. A kid that needs to be bathed, fed and played with. #ResponsibilityGoals.
  • Completely caring and easy going: We always smile and make weird faces when a dog crosses our paths and have an urgent impulse to go and pet them. Caring is a non-negotiable trait that we get when caring for our floofies.

A fun advantage of two dog lovers is that they can include their pets in outings and celebrations.  Our dogs are a part of us. Under no circumstance will a dog owner let go of their dogs. Also, having a pet means you spend more time offline than online. Dogs keep you pre-occupied and the love-affair is all real.

So without further ado, go out there and find yourself a floofy lover. If you aren’t the type, do your best to understand the colorful mind of a dog lover. Until then as always, stay chill and be yourself! So go on, unstranger yourself.

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