Getting Unstrangered With Pet Lovers

We do not always get to choose the people who are around us and yet they all influence us all the time. Most times, we do not even know much about the people who are around us. What if the person I sat next to in the Metro is as big a Harry Potter fan as you? Or if your co-worker disliked the new Shah Rukh movie as much as you? And then what if the new friend you’ve made is a per lover and you are not?

Well, while the former cases can lead to great conversations, we are here to ensure you don’t quite on budding friendships just because you don’t feel a particular affection for pets and your new friend does. So here’s something to help you out.

The Pet Is A Window Into Their World

Scientists believe that the kind of pet a person owns is a reflection of their own personality. That is, if a person owns a large dog who is very active, the person is likely to be an extrovert, fun to hang out with, be agreeable and so on. Likewise, a cat owner is more likely to be the lazier kind, who likes the comfort and warmth of home, be more creative and curious and so on.

Therefore, it is recommended to find out what animal the other person owns, more specifically, the exact breed. If the person let’s say, owns a Pit Bull, don’t be deterred. Even though Pit Bulls have gained a reputation to be wild and a scary breed, in reality, they are the gentle goofs. And while the owner probably sees the dog as a part of the family, your presumptions will not help you earn scores.

Do research on the breed. Learn about their personality traits. It will also give hints to the kind of person the owner is. A lazy dog’s owner is more likely to be lazy as well while a bird owner is more likely to be very active and outgoing. Likewise, a healthy looking, well trained pet gives away the fact that he/she is a hands-on pet owner and is the caring and nurturing type.

Get The First Approval

You are at the park for your early morning jog and you come across someone with a cute budgie nestled on his shoulder while he plays fetch with his retriever. What do you do? I mean he has two pets. Which one do you judge him by, if at all? Well, both.

Firstly, it tells you that he is the kind of person who does not mind taking on responsibilities. Secondly, owning two pets requires a lot of effort and nurturing. Nothing makes a pet owner happier than receiving a compliment for their pet. Maybe something like, “I am impressed at how well trained he is.” You said something nice as well as flirted. Or if you are more on the daring side and own a dog yourself (added bonus) go with, “My dog would love a play date with yours?” Be funny, not creepy.

The Dreaded Talk

If you are already pals with a person and later find out that he/she is a pet lover, irrespective of which kind, be honest about your own emotions regarding the pet if you are not particularly fond of that breed. Start off with a positive notion.

Appreciate their dedication and love with the pet and then slowly proceed to what you feel. But give the pet a chance. Meet it. Discuss with your friend about your comfort zone. If you ever had any negative experience with that breed, share it. It will help them understand your point of view better. It will help clear any misunderstandings.

And at the same time, note down on ways that will help you get on better terms with the pet. Some pets are very friendly, and only require a scratch on the head. Others do not like when you touch them, and requires a few meetings before they are comfortable to let you in their personal space. Little details like this are crucial when meeting an animal. Find out what scenario suits both of you.

Open Your Heart

When it comes to actually meeting the animal, the best way has to be some sort of activity that will help all of you mesh well and find your balance. Go meet at a park. Visit a toy store or an animal shelter. Or maybe even a hospital where animals help people with their depression and/or anxiety.

There are numerous pet-friendly restaurants and cafes. Give the animal a chance. You never know, you might end up being a convert. It would help both the partners meet a different side of each other. In case you do end up falling in love with the animal, buy it a nice gift. You will earn appreciation in both your friend and the pet’s score books. Win-win!

Good Place To Meet Pet Lovers

Pet-friendly parks often hold events for animal meet ups and playdates. Others include talent shows, fancy dress competitions, pet birthday parties, pet therapy, pet health and nurture awareness programs and so on.

Such events can not only act as medium to see great pets but also a place to head to if you are looking to meet new people, perhaps an animal lover like yourself if you are one. Either way, the love of the animals are always there to keep you warm and cozy.

So go ahead, unstranger yourself with people and their furry friends!

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