How’d Harry Potter, My Friend, Answer My Questions

In my last blog, I had mentioned 6 questions that I’d ask Harry Potter if he was my best friend. This got me wondering what answers I might have expected from him. After all these years of reading and re-reading the HP series, it should be fairly easy to answer the questions from Harry Potter’s perspective shouldn’t it? I thought I’d give it a shot.

Here are the answers I think Harry Potter would’ve given me for my questions.

(These answers are written by me in his perspective so please do feel free to add your opinions on what YOU think he might say!)

Q1. You’ve been through being called a lot of things from heir to the most notorious murderer to being a traitor and a liar. How do you make it through the day when you know the entire school might be talking behind your back or spreading rumors?


  • Even if the whole world is against you, it shouldn’t bother you much if the people who matter are on your side. A few friends and close family are more than enough to support you no matter what. Yes, it is initially hard and frustrating, but at the end of the day, you have those few people who you can count on to be there for you.


Q2. You are a badass Quidditch player with a badass broom. Your OWL grades are really good at the same time. How do you manage to balance both Quidditch and studying when they both individually require loads of hard work?


  • Well of course there is Hermione who lends us all her notes. But notes aren’t enough. I learned to balance both my Quidditch practice and studying. I lessen the days of practice when my exams are close and I practice in my free time instead. Hermione also suggests schedules though they aren’t that easy to keep up with. (They practically get on Ron’s nerves). It’s all the matter of balance and giving both of them equal importance.


Q3. Having friends for life doesn’t work out for just anyone. You have two great friends willing to go to the ends of the world for you. What is your tip to maintaining a long lasting friendship? Also what do you think is the key factor any friendship requires?


  • This one’s actually easy. Loyalty. I also think loyalty is the key factor in a lasting friendship. Of course there are other factors such as trust and honesty but I think if you are very loyal and they are the same, the trust and honesty part just fall into place.


Q4. Being the chosen one cannot be easy. You might have tons of different kinds of friends with different ideas on how to hang out, what to do, what they want you to say and whatnot. How do you handle any kind of peer pressure?

  • I learn to make my own decisions. I take in all ideas and suggestions and choose the one I think might work best for me. Don’t get me wrong but suggestions and opinions can always work. But at the same time it’s best if you make your own decisions so that you don’t regret anything at the end. Of course if there is a majority, I also try to adjust accordingly.

Q5. Being the most popular kid at school, it’s common you have a lot of fans. But let’s talk about the haters. Some of em might be jealous and think you’re getting all the attention. What would you want to tell them?


  • I would want to tell them that my life isn’t as great as they put it to be. Maybe if they got to know me better instead, they will get to know the actual me. People tend to judge or brand without even having talked to me I think I would want them to actually get to know me before coming to conclusions.


Q6. This might seem a bit morbid, but through all your years, a lot of pressure had been put upon you and so much was expected from you. Have you ever thought how easy things would have been if you never existed or what would happen if you ended your life right then?


  • It’s the same as the other question. No matter how hard times get or how much pressure you are under, there are people who care for you. Yes, I have thought about how easy stuff might have been if I was never born but then I look and Ron and Hermione and know that they are worth everything.  There is always someone who cares for you whether you know it or not. I just keep that in mind.


And that’s all for today! Hope the answers were satisfactory and feel free to answer the questions in your own way too! Until then… ….unstranger yourself!

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