What not to say to a book lover

Book lover, who is that? Speaking on behalf of the book loving community, when we say we love books, it means we REALLY love em. Not as a hobby, or a way to pass the time but to an extent where books become an important part of us. So if you’re about to meet a person who has mentioned that they are a “book lover”, here are things you should NEVER tell them if you don’t want them to murder you in their minds. If you are a book lover too, then I’m sure you guys will have a great time and won’t even realise the time passing.

So here goes:

“The movie was way better”. This is the number one line any person attempting a conversation with a book lover should avoid. You have NO idea of how much is lost when they turn a book into a movie. Yes, there are time restrictions and whatnot but it just isn’t the same and thus you CANNOT compare. It’s like comparing an entire buffet to a bowl of soup.

If they suggest you read a particular book, don’t reply with “why read the entire book when I can watch the movie”. As said, they are not the same. Don’t try to cheat and watch the movie anyways. If they start quizzing you about it, I swear you’ll regret not reading the book.

Another extremely common thing a non-book lover says is, “Why spend money on a book when you can get the eBook for free online?” Thing is, what would you choose? An actual large, hot, soooper cheesy double margarita pizza or a photo of it on your IPad? Having an actual book in your hands and being able to turn the pages is different to an eBook. Can you sniff an eBook? No. Does the eBook age over time along with you? No. Get the difference? Also, books on your phone are always under threat from the distraction caused by social media.

Money spent on books is not money wasted

Ok so you might be a smart person and know the difference. SO you casually ask the person “How much have you spent on books so far”. The book lover will enthusiastically come forward and reply. No matter what the price, you are supposed to COMPLIMENT them in complete awe. You do NOT reply “You spent HOW much on books?!?!” The money a book lover spent on their books is a source of immense pride (no matter how crazy it sounds). Go with it.

So you’ve finally got used to your friends book addiction. When you see them re-reading a book so many times, get it into your brain that that book might be one of their favourites. It will never bore them (like chocolate or biryani). Do not ask them “how many times will you read that book. You already know the story”. Instead try reading the book so you could understand why they like it so much. May be there are some lessons on friendship hidden in there too.

Last but not least, you have finally gained enough trust from them that they let you borrow one of their babies. DO NOT LOSE IT. DO NOT TRY TO REPLACE IT. THEY WILL KNOW. It might sound borderline creepy but trust me, never ever lose the book or get a single stain on it. It is the unforgivable deed.

Other than these you should do just fine. ☺ Don’t lie about books that you haven’t read and be honest. They are normal people just as you who are crazy about losing themselves into the pages of a book.

As always, stay chill and be yourself!

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