Online or Offline: What Conversation Would You Have?

People around the world have different opinions on different notions. While some prefer to talk verbally, some prefer to write. The real question arises between writing vs speaking. So what is better? Online or offline conversation? Is striking a conversation face to face better for you or writing with a screen between?

The Internet is a world which is open to everyone, this virtual world allows you to learn and interact with others. But it is all about the people you know in real life too. It is true that some of the new friendships begin when people talk through the Internet. There are a lot of people who prefer online communication. It is a reliable source for conversing with your friends. The Internet is a place for people around the globe which means you get to be in a pool of people who can be like you or very different in every sense. Here, you get a variety of options to choose from, sometimes it can also seem too much.

It certainly has some drawbacks to it too. You may not know who is on the other side of the screen, hacking is a common activity these days, many people have fake profiles to engage conversations. That’s where verification of profiles becomes key. There’s got to be authenticity and filtering there somewhere. And then there can be people who do not reply at all. Ghosting as they call it is making some of us numb to the emotions of conversation and social media can often be like a trap.

The Transition Is Key

Which is why there’s almost always a need for transition from online conversation to offline ones. According to a study 55% of communications is body language, 38% tone of voice and only 7% the words we choose. You can easily mould a conversation depending upon the interest and body language of a person. This helps you to avoid a dishonest conversation and helps you stay engaged.

Conversing face to face also helps you gain confidence. You should have enough confidence to strike and hold a conversation with a stranger. Thus, this helps you judge the character of the person and lets you know about the person of interest. Social media tells us little about the person whereas meeting them directly can help you as well as the others a lot. You are guaranteed to get a reply and talk to the person for a long duration.

Eye contacts or greeting someone with a gifts is a really nice gesture which can not be performed online. You will agree that a human touch is better than cold texting on machines..

It was probably nature’s intended purpose for humans to interact face to face. This is how it was supposed to be before the advent of technology. While technology does make communication a lot easier, faster and efficient, let’s not forget about the real way of communication already.

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