Spending On Travel Isn’t Wasting Money

When was the last time you packed your bags and ventured off into the unknown? Not because you had to, but just for the sake of it. Travelled to a place where people looks different, speak a language you never heard, eat food you never knew existed and live a life very different from your own. It does not take your passport and a bag full of cash to find a place that makes you feel out of place. Maybe just another state? Maybe even just the outskirts? The borders? Go, travel and get out of the social media trap!

Yes, it displaces you, takes you out of your comfort zone and blah blah blah! But people never talk what happens after that. You discover yourself. (Isn’t that clichéd too?) When you are famished and the only place you find to eat is a shabby dingy hut where the stray dogs are eating the leftovers from the dirty plates piled outside, you will either discover that God gave you the capability to adapt to anything. Or you find out that this is not for you, and you need to work that much harder to afford at least a 3 star hotel.

You find out how different life is. How other people live and find friends among them. How their everyday meal is a battle for you to stomach. But most importantly, you find out how big the world is, and you insignificant you are. You are just another human being passing by for most people. You do not matter and neither do you really make a difference. And that motivates you to live life that much more humbly, that much more simply. It makes you want to make a difference. Make an impact on this world. You discover your world amongst this huge world of others.

So go ahead! Travel! Even if you don’t, while you travel to your next destination, irrespective of the reason, you are still travelling, so keep your eyes as well as heart open. And perhaps, unstranger yourself!

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