Things you should never say when first meeting a stranger

No call backs, instant blocking or a hurried first meeting, are sad situations you could get yourself in. A first meeting with someone you’ve only texted can be really nerve wracking for a ton of people. Now, a 26th first meeting? Not so terrifying. So what do you think you’re doing wrong?

For those of you who are going on, yet to or are about to meet the stranger you are just getting to know, and those of you who are going on the 26th first meet, take note. Here are the things you should NEVER say or do the first time you meet your friend stranger.

Here are some things both the guys and girls should and shouldn’t do:

  1. Be yourself: Don’t try to fake it out. Be original and don’t wonder if what you say or do might affect the chance of the person liking you. The real you is who they wanted to meet, so bring out your inner crazy at full throttle and be kind to them and their interests.
  2. Pretend your phones don’t exist: You are on a day/night out. Yes, it’s the age of technology but keep you whole attention on the person with you. Talk and have a great time rather than updating your status and constantly checking your phone every few minutes.
  3. Don’t talk about your past relationships: This is one of the major let downs. You might think “who would even do that?!”, but you’ll be surprised. No one wants to know about your past relationships, well maybe not during the first time meeting them. Take things slow and steady.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t plan or stress out much and just GO for it. Be your perfect self and have a great time! Go on, unstranger yourself and meet new people!

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