7 Incredible Festivals Where You Can Connect With Strangers

Festivals are considered to be a way of life or a way for people to define their cultures. The rich, unique and fascinating festivals connect strangers around the globe. At such festivals you’ll meet countless people who are wanting to explore new things and learn more about cultures while meeting new people and sharing new experiences.

So these festivals make great avenues to the new, to unstranger yourself and meet new people. Here are a few festivals that should be on your bucket list:

1) Carnival of Venice, Italy

This 900 year old festival is all about expressing your true self. People wear a mask and are free to do whatever they want without feeling guilty howsoever. The otherwise city lights with musicians, bands, jugglers or boat canals that dominate the whole city. The festival is celebrated from February till March.

2) La Tomatina, Spain

This festival marks what fun, entertainment and energy really are. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August. All the locals and strangers gather together to enjoy this fiesta. They celebrate by throwing squashed tomatoes at anyone in sight. And then there are nights of non-stop dance that’ll keep you going. What a way to meet new people and dance the night away with them.

3) Oktoberfest, Germany

Because none of the cool stories begin with salads, this festival involves beer in every notion. Strangers can sit, laugh and connect together with giant mugs of beers. But there are somethings that are best not talked about on the first meeting, here are some of them. It is celebrated from third Saturday in September to the first weekend in October.

4) Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

Thailand knows how to beat the heat. This festival is enjoyed by throwing water on each other using water guns, balloons, hoses, and just about anything as it marks their hottest days. People also smear each other’s face with menthol and chalks as a good luck sign. It is celebrated from 13th April to 15th April.

5)  Grease Festival, Spain

As we know that Spain is all about celebration. People join for drinks, party and dinner after colouring each other with grease. This is because of their re-enactment of the stealing of the famous statue of ‘Virgen de la Piedad. It is celebrated on 6th September.

6) Rouketopolemos Rocket War, Greece

What about some teamwork fellas? This festival is about a ‘rocket war’ between the rival churches. Their aim is to hit the bell of the opposition by launching hand made rockets. It takes place at every midnight right before Easter Sunday.

7) Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

Thousands of people play in Boryeong Mud flats. This mud is considered to be the main ingredient in their line of beauty products. It is accompanied by fancy music and competitions. What a great way to promote the utility, right?

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