Book Clubs & The Start of New Friendships

Book clubs are never just about the book you pick, but it is about taking a day off after a long week to talk to some friends and get high on your shared love for books. A book club is about a group of people coming together on the basis of common passion that they share.

Most of the people find solace in reading and read to escape from the world around them. No matter how small the group is, you get to share various perspectives of people who were once strangers. Here are a few reasons why you should join book clubs, or at least one book club.

1) You Get to Meet Interesting People, Not Just Fictional Ones:

Some people join book clubs with people who are they are friends with and absolutely love it. But you can make it more interesting when people are just strangers. You can have totally honest and blunt talks about anything. Moreover making new friends is one of the obvious and valid reasons to join a book club. And if books isn’t your thing, how about music lovers?

2) Moment of Peace:

No one can stick around with the same routine or people everyday. Humans have to take a break, be it from work, their kids or their significant other. You do not necessarily have to talk about the book, but want sometime to relax with the friends you make. It can be done with great food or drinks, and can definitely be done over books as well. And these conversations can be online or offline too. What do you prefer?

3) Fun to Chat:

Sometimes strangers might have the solution to your problems to which your close friends don’t. All book clubs entail some chit chat. Starting off by talking about a book, people start debating and relating to them in real life. This leads to people talking about how and what is going on in their lives. This in turn also tells you how people respond to the book you are talking about. And here are somethings you can be careful about.

4) Books, books and more books

This one’s a no-brainer. The first incentive of joining a book club is discovering more books, going beyond the genres you like and sharing your books with others. It’s just all so exciting! A book might help you initiate a heated debate or discussion.

So, joining a book club soon? Maybe you’ll find some book lovers on MYOLO too. Get on it now!

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