I Unstrangered A Musician, And It Helped Me Discover Myself

Somewhere I read, “Musicians don’t retire, they stop when there’s no more music left in them.” Strange, but I guess that’s true. I unstrangered a musician, and it helped me discover my interests.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word musician? Probably a guy with long hair or a girl with short coloured hair and pierced lips. A guitar hanging at the back and a tattoo on the neck? Such stereotypes man, aren’t they? And yet we stick to them most times. Let me tell you something, there’s far more to musicians that what they have been stereotyped as.

What do you play?

I have a few friends who are into music, but none that I can call musicians. Musicians love to experiment with their style of playing. They don’t like playing the same notes over and over again unless they are practicing. They love improvising and tweaking their sounds. I think there is another dimension to friendship among them, a sort of bond that is fortified by their creativity. Maybe that’s why some celebrities make great pals.

But composing something now and again is not an easy task.

Other than that, most musicians have a good sense of humour. Musicians are full of creative thoughts, it shows by the way they talk. They have their spaces reserved for their music. That’s how they become great musicians – by focusing all their energies on a single goal.

Music, a universal language

Somewhere somehow, at some point; every human is attached to music. When words fail, music speaks!

“Songs really are like a form of time travel because they really have moved forward in a bubble. Everyone who’s connected with it, the studio’s gone, the musicians are gone, and the only thing that’s left is this recording which was only about a three-minute period maybe 70 years ago”. –Tom waits

The first time I experienced music was at an event with my friend Akash. The event was called Pop Culture Panchayat. MYOLO had organised it.

Actually I’d met Akash via MYOLO as well. I’ve been using  the MYOLO app for a while. But this was the first time I unstrangered someone who decribed himself as a musician. I had no idea how to deal with a musician, what do you talk about? But eventually, I started conversing with him.

The conversation began with a small intro and since we both didn’t have a lot to do the coming weekend we decided to meet. We were both new to the city and were looking for people to go out with. Sometimes finding company even for a drink can be hard, no?

We met at MYOLO’s Pop Culture Panchayat event in Delhi. It was the first Sabha. Yeah, that’s what they named the one-day event. It was a beautiful place to connect with others in a fun and safe surroundings. People were pretty amazing over there. Everyone had their unique personality. Fresh music, drinks, games, live performances and much more. Everything was beyond the level of awesomeness.

Music unites us

As for Akash and me, we figured that we are both beer lovers. Games like the Beer Pong Championship and the bar gamble seemed to have been tailor-made made for us. And we did make a great team man! So much fun. But apart from fun, the event was also a great platform for artists to show their skills and leave the audience spellbound.

It was so awesome that people like me, who have no idea how bad they sing, also participated in the jam. That night I realised that music is also a slice of my life.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash  

After that fantastic event, I met Akash and the gang (yes, we formed a gang that day at the event) a few more times. In fact we do get together once a month at least. Sometimes they come and jam at my place. While I keep away from singing, it really is awesome to have musicians as friends. There is some solace you seek there.

I have been working in a corporate company, and the others have always been into music. So events that have karaoke, jamming, and solo performances have always been the best place for us to catch up at.

You know what is the best thing that happens when you unstranger with a musician? You start hanging out with some damn cool musicians and creators. It can really be inspiring in ways and can help you a new shade to you. You’ll meet some really creative people at these festivals too.

I had met Akash’s band members too. Sometimes, I sit when they practice. A combination of classical and western music is marvelous. Akash’s friend even taught me how to play the guitar. Well at least a few strings.

Find your pals

Soon they are planning to make a video for YouTube and may be I also will be in their video for a short dance face off. Oh, musicians and dance lovers make such great friends. Oh I’d never seen that coming, but I’m so glad it is. Do see the video and maybe I’ll catch you at the next music event too. Or let’s unstranger on the app!

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