Why Dance Lovers Are Great Friends To Have

William Shakespeare once said, “When you do dance, I wish o’ wave the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that.”

Dance is an expression, it is a language. It does not have to be spoken to but it demands attention. Moving your body in such a manner that it communicates to the audience is clearly an art. Though music compliments dance and adds essence to it, some talented dancers can even deliver a mind blowing performance in the absence of music. Though for the uninitiated, music is really important since people dance to what is playing.

If you have a friend who is a dance lover you must know it perfectly. Give them a song, and they will start dancing instantly! They just need small reasons to dance and celebrate, and it’s all like initiating a conversation. You can instantly tell how creative a person is on the basis of their performance. Dance lovers are such lively and happening people. They bring in the fun to everything.

When you see a person dancing as if there is no tomorrow, you can only feel happy and lively yourself. It is an infectious trait. You cannot suppress your feeling of dancing when you see someone dancing happily around you. Knowing such people and being friends with them is really a blessing. And the same is true for music lovers as well, they are beautiful tribe!

As any art depicts the experience of the person, interpretation solely depends upon the viewers. Adventure sets in as soon as you sit down with dim lights and watch the person start performing. Gestures, lights and floor all work together to take you to a beautiful journey. It is really amazing how they get in the sync with the music. Their relationship with it truly soulful. Knowing people who are so talented can also inspire you to do things and put in more effort in whatever field you are interested in.

Any person who dances without worrying about the present is a true dance lover. Dance is all about expressing what you feel without speaking. Constraining yourself from doing so will not help you in anyway. No matter how much you judge your relatives for dancing in weddings, at the end of the day people remember them for their lively act. Sometimes you should have a good laugh and dance around with the people you love. People around the globe do so and even have festivals based on it.

Dancing is directly proportionate to the art of living. Dancing with all your heart gives you happiness from within. So why do you keep it to yourself? Let your emotions flow. Let people see who you really are! Dance your heart out and live like there is no tomorrow.

That’s why you sometimes need to let yourself free, and having people around you who can help you do that is always welcome. So go hug that dance loving friend of your right now, perhaps take up dancing and definitely unstranger yourself with more dancers around. You’ll find some on MYOLO too. Get on there!

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