Diary Of A Single Girl: Part I – It’s Complicated

We all go through a lot of similar experiences. And while we bond over similar interests, the overlaps in our concerns and experiences bring us closer as well. Here’s an experience that I had, being a single girl in her 20s. Did you go through the same?

It’s complicated. Because I have a guy in my life who loves me and I am busy playing hard to get? I wish! Because I am playing Kajol from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in real life, falling for my best friend who is the most popular guy? Thank God, No! It’s because I am SINGLE. There it is! You read that right. Remembering your single days with a big smile on your face? Wondering how being single can ever be complicated?

Well then you have not seen the other side of singlehood my friend, so thank god (literally).

So, the story starts when I was working in Bengaluru and living a life of freedom and independence, spending my salary instead of pocket money (on t-shots at ladies nights, of course). I came back to Delhi for a week around New Years to eat, sleep, shop and repeat because a cousin’s wedding was round the corner (although I told my dad that it’s because family time is important too).

No Budget For Shopping

Everything had been planned. While deciding the shopping budget, my dad sanctioned a huge amount for me, equivalent to almost my rent  for six months. It left me confused for a split second but then the shopaholic in me took over and pacified my brain, “probably they’ve missed me a lot lately”. I should have known my dad, a Baniya businessman, who didn’t really cater for luxury without a reason. He isn’t just wired like that.

So I went overboard, shopped like crazy and spent every penny within two days with my mom. Seeing mom not say a single word when I topped the spendthrift charts did flash a danger sign, but the bliss of shopping had already lured me in and I overlooked that sign with a fat bill for a pair of pumps which I never really needed and my mom knew that too.

The following day, as I ticked-off my to-watch list of movies, the real fun began. My mom came into my room and told me that she’d booked an appointment for me at my favourite spa for the next day. “DANGER!” My brain echoed. But, did I ask the reason? Nah! The image of a nice, hot hair spa had already started blurring my mom’s image in front of me.

A Solo Spa Date

After spending the day at the spa, I was on cloud nine, delighted that my parents were pampering me so much. The delight brought some remorse as well. I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t called them back often enough after the hungover mornings, and the poker and movie nights. But little did I know that very soon that guilt was to be overshadowed by rage.

That night my parents came into my room, and my dad had some papers in his hand. I thought, “Maybe another set of investments so that I don’t burn my salary in shopping.” That made sense to my naive brain. But then, that happiness fell to rock bottom when my father uttered these words in the most fatherly voice ever, “We’ve been looking for a guy for you and have found a good one. We have even met him and his family. They are really nice people. They are modern people, will understand you. The guy is well-educated and well-settled. And you know, the guy doesn’t have any bad habits at all, in fact he told us that he is teetotaller and…”

He kept saying something but I had already zoned into the memories of t-shots with lemon and salt, cocktails and the desserts and late night house parties. Not to forget the after party capsules the next day before morning meetings. This didn’t fit in there anywhere.

“Damage control,” my mind jerked me and started scanning for excuses that could help stop this. I tried to play it cool and said, “Oh! Really. And?” And my father replied, “We think it will be good if you meet them.” And suddenly, my mind started racing like a F1 car, putting together all the pieces – the extra shopping, the spa day and all that pampering – as if it were the last five minutes in an exam hall to solve that algebra equation to get those ten marks.

More Than A Bomb

I started speaking in angst, “I don’t even know what’s his name is?  How can you drop a missile on me like that? I don’t even know how he looks? What he does? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

And suddenly my father handed over the papers he had brought to me. These weren’t any investments documents as I’d suspected, they were actually Mr X’s picture and ‘marital bio-data’, as they call it. They were handed to me like that’s going to be enough. I was played. I wanted to know what Crime Patrol episode inspired them to plan this murder of my perfect vacation?

As I tried to deal with the situation, they left with the best words saved for the last, “Everything has been planned. We have given them our word that we will meet them with you tomorrow. You know what that means to us.” “Holy Shit, I know, humari jabaan patthar ki lakir hai. Jaan jaaye, par vachan naa jaaye,” I started thinking.

The moment they left, I picked up my phone to call my bff hoping that she will pick up. To my relief, I saw her name flashing on the screen. “Aww, so sweet. We are telepathic,” I thought. “My foot!” she had drunk dialled to tell me that she wasn’t single anymore. And all I could say was, “Congrats babe.. See you in Bangalore,” my head spinning with questions, will I be single when go back to Bangalore?

About the author:
This blog has been authored by Nikita Jindal. A Kindle fan-girl, Nikita is a master software engineer, an avid reader and a lover of all food vegetarian.

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