A Few Things To Know About Music Lovers

Are you the kinds that wondered how Justin Bieber’s concert got sold out? Whether you are a Belieber or not, the point is music lovers are passionate about their music and their icons. And while all music lovers may have different choices, they do not hide them.

Your hate for Bieber won’t make your neighbour shy away from showing her love for him, and you probably won’t hate her for that. You may judge her, but not hate her. That’s the beauty about music lovers, they are all about music!  

So while you are going to unstranger yourself with hundreds of people in your life, the chances of you coming across music lovers are high. So let’s talk about what we know about them:

Divided by just about everything but united by music

If you don’t live under a rock, you must have heard the drama that went down because of  AR Rahman’s concert in London. Reason? “The people” paid for Hindi songs and not Tamil. Yes, they are a special category of people who deserve closed quotations. It’s understandable when people are thrusting their pot bellies to Major Lazer’s ‘Lean on’ but what about ‘Despacito’? How did a Spanish song make its way to the top charts when a lot of us do not even know that in Hola (Spanish for saying hello) the H is silent.

True music lovers do not like a song just because of the lyrics. The music connects to them on a level that regular people may never understand. So better not the mistake of undermining a music/song just because you are not familiar with it. You will never make it to the top charts of the music lover’s top liked people list.

They judge you

Yes, it is a harsh truth. The number of times people wore famous band’s/singer’s branded t-shirts or any other accessories without even having the slightest clue about the artist is cringe-worthy. It is equally disrespectful as well to their hard work. Look at what happened to the Jenners.

If you do end up liking a t-shirt that contains the brand/image of any band or artist, have the least bit of respect and find out about them. Imagine yourself in their shoes if it is too hard to understand.

They judge you again

It is not just them, but the human nature who is at fault. But music lovers in particular judge you by the type of music or genre you like. Yes, there is no harm in not categorizing your choice to a specific genre when you may listen to almost anything, but people who are meant to judge you, will. I mean, wouldn’t you raise your eyebrows if someone told you they like the song “Jab Lagawelu tu lipistic”?

Us normal folks will always be a victim of them categorizing us by what we listen to. Because, truth be told, our own personality reflects in the songs we listen to. And music lovers in particular, express themselves through music. So if they frown, probably because they know that you guys won’t be two peas in a pod.

There are 7 billion people out there. So if you want someone who will play a Bieber track while you are all on a road-trip in France, the chances are quite high that guy is out there. Just make the effort to find him.

They are prisoners of their own world

Earphones are not just an accessory anymore, but a lifeline for them. A string of rope they latch onto when they need to drown out the outside world and feel alive again. It is not meant to be rude or disrespectful. Music lovers often tend to be very sensitive people. The music keeps them alive and their sanity intact when the world becomes too much to bear. It’s where their hunt for happiness ends. They need that escape to be able to face the world again. It is their safe spot. Or their source of strength, whichever way you put it. While some of us can walk through that door wearing that confidence, the special ones may need to listen to that one particular song that gives them that suit of confidence. We all are different and unique in our own way, aren’t we?

They are like elephants!

Not the size. The memory. Music lovers end up knowing every single word by heart just by listening to the song over and over again. It is almost like a reflex action. And that is exactly what helps them retain information, especially auditory ones. This allows them to have great long-term memory, learn other language easily since they are constantly identifying the variations in the rhythms of speech, and help lower the risk of ADHD among both adults and children.

Watch your words

If what you learned till now is not mind blowing enough, get ready for more. I’m sure everyone knows who Taylor Swift is? Or more specifically her inspirations behind her lyrics? If you ever came across anyone who composes music, and you managed to make even the slightest impact on their life, chances are you reflected on the lyrics. A musician’s work in not bounded by time. They can either work all day or not for days at a stretch. They need constant inspiration. And inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether it is pain, or anger or just sheer happiness, with the right music and words, an emotion can translate into a song that will touch hundreds of other souls.

So keep in mind the next time you meet your musician friend whether you want to end up as a monster or a flower in a song.

We all listen to music. It is not what we listen to with others around, but what reaches out to us when it is just us in our head. Unstranger yourself to the world of music and music lovers. You never know what inner demon you may unleash.

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